Dance Socials

Celebrity Ballroom Socials

Celebrity Ballroom is the premiere place to get out and dance. Every weekend we host dance socials where singles or couples can come out and dance!

Socials feature different styles of dance.

We host Ballroom Socials, Latin Dance Socials, Argentine Tango Milongas, Country dance and West Coast Swing as well as other styles. For date, times and details go to our calendar page.

Social Dancing at Celebrity

Dance socials are a great way to practice your steps, learn new steps, listen to great music and meet new people.

Usually, before a social we teach a class, so you can expand your dance repetoire and during a social we may have a dance demonstration.

If you don't have a partner, don't worry the class before the social is a great way to meet people and the DJ's play mixers or hire a pro to dance with you. For more information, check out our hosting program.

The Celebrity Touch

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A Welcome Place

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A Fun Place to Learn

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Competitive Dancing


Social Dancing