COACHING SERIES PART II: Learning from Champion Level Dancers at Celebrity Ballroom.

COACHING SERIES PART II: Learning from Champion Level Dancers at Celebrity Ballroom.

November 12, 2015      Melanie Gold

As a woman dancing, we spend most of time learning from male teachers, dancing with male teachers and being coached by men.  However, when Christiane Primeau,  Canadian 10 Dance Champion and Blackpool rising star champion, came to coach at our ballroom, it was an amazing experience to work with a woman coach.   I learned so much by watching how she styled.  What choices she made for arms styling. Again, I felt it would be a great idea to share some of what I learned.

As I have mentioned in other articles, one of the quickest ways to improve how you look on the floor is to make sure that you always finish your lines.  How do you accomplish that task?  Part of accomplishing that task is making sure that arms are never just hanging somewhere.  Energy  flows from the body to the tips of your fingers completing every action.  


Christiane made it even easier or clearer.  You hand movements come from an intention.  For example, if I take my hand forward and point at my partner and draw my hand inwards, my intention is to bring you towards me.  If I put my hand your chest, I may be telling him stop.  How I style is based on what I want to convey in the dance.  Using this premise, makes it easier to choose what kind of styling should go where.  The styling is an extension of either the chorographical timeline or in social dancing what the mood of the music is making me feel.


Additionally, dancing is communication.  It is an action and a reaction, so for everything your partner does you respond.  For that to happen, you have to open and responsive to your partner and communicate through your dancing and the music.   There is an ebb and flow.  Dancing becomes fun when it is a true conversation or expression of the music and the relationship between the dancers.