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September 20, 2015      Melanie Gold

The truth is that good leading is the difference between people loving to dance with you or being frustrated by the experience (especially in social dancing where there is no choreography), so maybe one of the best pieces of advice is to remember “Less is More.”

I can think of three very specific occasions when it really hit me that less was more.

The first occasion was ...

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September 17, 2015      Melanie Gold

Dance is the exercise that doesn’t feel like exercise, but has all the benefits of exercise and more.

My mother is the perfect example.  Take her to a gym and she has fifty reasons why she cannot do this exercise or that exercise is too hard.  One minute after she is in the door (if you can get her in the door), she wants to be out the door.  Yet, she will dance for hours and never complain.  And she has seen the benefits of her dance. An immediate benefit was she lost twenty five pounds and she has never regained that weight.  Additionally, she is excited about learning.  Not to mention, she has made a whole new group of friends.

Dancing is an aerobic exercise just like the treadmill or the bike.  A study in the Journal of Physiological Anthropology showed

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September 12, 2015      Melanie Gold

 Roman and Vika are a new professional partnership (see Roman’s picture and bio on Celebrity Staff page) and after only 7 weeks, they are taking part in one of the biggest competitions USDC.   A bold move jumping into such a big competition, but the payoff exists for such a move.  The results have been excellent and they have grabbed the attention of the judges.  Additionally, no other situation can give this new dancing couple the same experience.  By doing USDC, even if they didn’t feel ready, they have undoubtedly learned so much about each other.  The benefits of what they have learned will help them moving forward into future competitions

Some of the benefits will undoubtedly ...

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September 9, 2015      Melanie Gold

World renowned coaches at Celebrity Ballroom in September, October and November. Learn from the best!  Michael Chapman, organizer of the Millennium Dance Competition, Taliat Tarsinov,  the Russian National Ten Dance Champion and Christiane Primeau, Canadian Latin, Standard & 10 dance Champion will be coaching at Celebrity Ballroom. It is a great opportunity to ...

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September 9, 2015      Melanie Gold

Today we unveil our new mobile friendly website.  Check out the great new calender page which will provide you with all the information about our daily classes and weekly dance events.