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February 2, 2016      Melanie Gold

If you learn your basic steps well, you’re dancing will excel.  The impulse may be to skip the basics or push for more complicated moves; however, more complicated moves are built from the basic steps.  In addition, often similar moves exist in different dances with only a change in timing. Therefore, by learning the basic steps in one dance, you can transfer that knowledge when learning another dance.  Additionally, simple steps danced on time with styling look better than complicated moves that are out of time or danced without flare and to add syncopation, modifications or chain steps together to make more complex patterns becomes easy once you’ve worked the basic moves.

For example,

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November 12, 2015      Melanie Gold

As a woman dancing, we spend most of time learning from male teachers, dancing with male teachers and being coached by men.  However, when Christiane Primeau,  Canadian 10 Dance Champion and Blackpool rising star champion, came to coach at our ballroom, it was an amazing experience to work with a woman coach.   I learned so much by watching how she styled.  What choices she made for arms styling. Again, I felt it would be a great idea to share some of what I learned.

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October 24, 2015      Melanie Gold

Creating a budget for your wedding can be overwhelming.  Where do you begin?  How much should everything cost?  What is too expensive?  What are the hidden costs? There are so many questions and leg work will answer a lot of these questions, but it is nice to have some price bench marks.

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October 23, 2015      Melanie Gold

Getting married can be an overwhelming, so details sometimes get overlooked.   After assisting numerous brides and grooms to be, I have seen what can easily get overlooked.

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October 21, 2015      Melanie Gold

Watching pro’s dance is fun because you never feel like they are out of balance and they always seem to effortlessly express the music.  How can everyone learn to achieve balance and timing in their dancing?  Well here are some tips:

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